Dispute Resolution

At HAP we pride ourselves in our ability to simplify disputes. We are able to represent clients in a broad range of civil, commercial, and corporate claims, which include the following areas:

  • General litigation​

  • Mediation & arbitration

  • Corporate & commercial

  • Labour, employment & industrial relations

  • Land and tenancy Disputes

  • Banking & finance

  • Debt recovery

  • Bankruptcy, insolvency restructuring

  • Public & administrative Law

Industrial Relations

We offer advisory services to building and established corporations in the areas of employment and industrial relations. In this regards, we offer the following services:

  • Drafting & due diligence on employment contracts, service agreements, employment guidelines & handbooks

  • Regulatory/Statutory compliance

  • Terminations, dismissals & domestic enquiries

  • Seminars & briefings on employment risk exposures

Real Estate & Conveyancing

We facilitate property transactions and work with both vendors and purchasers in wide range of projects and developments which includes:

  • Land development

  • Strata management

  • Charge & discharge

  • Lease & tenancy

  • Financing & security documents (Conventional & Islamic)

  • Government acquisitions

  • Concessions & grants

  • Standard form contracts

  • BOT projects & developments

Criminal Litigation

We provide representations for all individuals and corporations for a broad range of prosecutions which includes:

  • Drug offences​

  • Commercial crimes

  • Securities Commissions offences

  • Corporate & commercial offences

  • Anti-Money Laundering offences

  • Firearms offences

  • Immigration offences

  • MACC & corruption charges

  • Penal Code & statutory offences

Probate, Estates & Elder Law

Here at HAP, we strive to uphold the wishes of those who have dearly departed, as we understand the necessity of managing your wealth and worldly possessions from beyond the grave. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Application for Grant of Probate at the High Court

  • Application for Letters of Administration

  • Preparation of wills & codicils

  • Custody & safekeeping of wills

  • Trust deed, hibah & faraid

Corporate & Commercial

We offer a comprehensive range of corporate and commercial services, at all levels of the corporate spectrum, be it for SMEs, Startup Companies, Private and Public Companies, Government and State Corporations, as well as other business entities. Our services includes the following areas:

  • Incorporation, voluntary winding-up & liquidation

  • Corporate due diligence & regulatory compliance

  • Private equity & venture capital

  • Asset based & project financing

  • Takeovers & acquisitions

  • Joint Venture schemes

  • Franchising & licensing

  • Banking & finance (including Islamic finance)

  • Management & services

  • Projects & corporate advisory

  • Intellectual property, advisory, licensing & registration

Family & Matrimonial

Balance is what we strive for in life. Be it at work or at home, HAP is committed to be there with you at every step. As such, we assist our clients at resolving any family disputes:

  • Divorce & annulment

  • Custody proceedings

  • Property & maintenance claims

  • Adoption

  • Inheritance

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